Boost your Savings with our Premium CD Specials

Certificates of Deposit    Guaranteed Annual Percentage Yield (APY)  •  FDIC Insured

8 Month CD -  4.00% APY*
with BONUS BOOST - 4.25% APY**

13 Month CD -  4.25% APY*
with BONUS BOOST - 4.50% APY**

Stop by an office near you to open a CD or speak with our bankers. Or, call (800)482-1314 for more details.

*Minimum balance to obtain the annual percentage yield is $500. $250,000 maximum deposit. Consumer deposits only. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Limited-time offer. Interest compounded semi-annually. Fees may reduce earnings. Annual percentage yield is accurate as of 5/30/23.

**BONUS BOOST APY available when at least half of the money used to open the CD is not currently on deposit at German American Bank.