Business Banking

Online Banking & Money Management

German American Business Online is the online banking system for your business account(s) with us. Our Online services provide high-performance 24/7 online banking and corporate cash management services.

German American Business Online is also an effective relationship management tool, offering our business clients the flexibility of secure, anytime/anywhere cash management with real-time transaction inquiries, stop pays, ACH and wire transfers.

With online access to your accounts 24/7, this high performance online service helps make cash management more convenient than ever. German American Business Online lets you make real-time online inquiries and get up to date information right away, so that you can monitor your cash position and account activity.

Basic Service

  • View activity, balances, history and search for transactions
  • Stop Payments
  • eStatements
  • Check images - view front and back of paid checks
  • Bill payments- set up recurring or one-time payments
  • Data Export in Quickbooks and BAI II formats
  • Client Administration-clients get the control and convenience they want. Administrator features enable clients to:
  • Control employee access to transfer and payment templates
  • Establish days and times employees can gain access to online banking * Requires additional credit approval
  • Enhanced Service
  • Wire Transfers: conduct secure wire transfer requests via the Internet
  • Payroll/Direct Deposit: allows direct deposit of payroll checks to employees' accounts.
  • ACH Origination: electronically send debits and credits
  • Security
  • State-of-the-art routers and firewalls.
  • Data encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and digital identification certificates.
  • Numeric passwords with forced uniqueness and aging.
  • Automatic lockout after unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Automatic session time-out.
  • Other Services
  • Request a Stop Payment.
  • Transfers funds between German American accounts

Business eStatements

View up to 12 months of online versions of your monthly checking, savings and combined statements. The images of your checks are also included. Go paperless and get quicker access to your statement!

Image CD

German American's Image CD service provides your company with a single CD Rom containing the front and back image of each cancelled check that cleared during the month.

The Check Imaging service alleviates the problem of storing and organizing hundreds of cancelled checks. Each CD holds approximately 20,000 items, the equivalent of six to nine boxes of checks - this may be the answer if storage space is at a premium.

In addition, there is no longer a need to search through boxes of checks or reels of microfilm to locate an item. Access to copies of cancelled checks is available immediately through check imaging software installed at the your site.


  • Eliminates the need for storage space required to house cancelled paper checks
  • Ability to retrieve a copy of a cancelled check quickly
  • Eliminates the cost of fine-sorting cancelled checks
  • Reduces the time spent working with paper checks

Business Online Images

As a German American commercial customer you now have the ability to retrieve images of paid checks online. This online service offers you a quick and inexpensive way to search for items that have cleared your account. With Internet access, a user name and password, the front and back images of checks can be viewed and printed.

BankLine 24 - Just call 1-800-536-0660 (toll free)

Banking is as easy as picking up your phone! Call BankLine 24 anytime, day or night, from the privacy of your own home, office or car…all you need is a touch-tone phone and your account number. It’s convenient, confidential, easy to use…and free!

By following the simple instructions BankLine 24 gives, you can access the following functions simply by pressing the keys on your touch-tone phone.

Deposit Account Information
  • Current and available balance
  • Last 3 deposits
  • Last 5 checks paid (or last 5 withdrawals)
  • Specific checks paid
  • Last 3 ATM debits
  • Last 3 miscellaneous debits
  • Interest earned this year
  • Interest earned last year
Loans and Lines of Credit Information
  • Current payoff
  • Current or available balance
  • Amount of next payment and date
  • Interest paid this year
  • Interest paid last year
Account-to-Account Transfers
  • Transfers between deposit accounts
  • Transfers from deposit account to loan
Helpful hints before you call
  • You’ll need a touch-tone phone
  • Make sure your have your account number handy
  • Have available your PIN (Personal ID Number) or the last four digits of your social security number or your business ID number
  • Listen carefully to the recorded instructions
BankLine 24 Security

On your first call you will need to establish a personal identification number (PIN) by following the BankLine 24 instructions. You may use any 4-digit number. Many customers prefer using the same PIN number as their ATM card, leaving only one set of numbers to remember for both.

Contact us for more information on BankLine 24

To Access:
Checking Account Balance 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-1
Checking Account History 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-3
Specific Check Inquiry 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-3-2
Funds Transfer 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-4-1
Loan Payments 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-4-2
Last Checking Deposit/Withdrawal 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-3-3
Deposit Account Interest Information 1(A/N#)-2(PIN#)-2
Change PIN 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-5
Call Transfer to a Customer Service Rep. 1(A/N#)(PIN#)-1-0
Interest Rate Quotes 2-1

Account Reconciliation

Balance your company's checkbook quickly and easily

German American account reconcilement service gives you an automated way to balance corporate accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We offer full or partial reconcilement services that may be customized to meet your individual needs and work with your specific accounting system.

Full Reconcilement

Company submits a check issued listing file. This information is compared against the captured check paid information. Next, reports are generated, including an outstanding check list. A detailed report includes all checks issued, paid and outstanding during the reconcilement period.

Partial Reconcilement

You receive a detailed list showing all checks paid during the reconcilement period. Items are identified by check number, amount and paid date. This information is generated automatically, requiring no input from you.


  • Saves time and money spent manually balancing accounts
  • Improves control over disbursements
  • Improves audit control by documenting, tracking and verifying disbursements
  • Deposit Reconciliation
  • Tracks daily deposits from multiple locations
  • Provides the ability to credit deposits from multiple locations to a single Banner Bank account
  • Specially coded deposit tickets and detailed reports allow you to track and monitor deposits by branch or store location
  • Export Formats
  • Business Online has the ability to convert data into file formats such Quickbooks and BAI II so that your own accounting software can 'read' information exported from Business Online Banking.

One of the main reasons for exporting Business Online information into accounting packages is to avoid the time consuming task of re-keying information and the errors often associated with this. By using the export facility, Business Online statement information can easily be used with reconciliation software to reconcile accounts.