Business Banking

Receivables Management

Business Desktop Express

Faster deposits to your accounts

Business Deposit Express allows you to speed the delivery of your check deposits and overcome geographic barriers to consolidating banking relationships-all you need is a small desktop scanner, a PC, an Internet connection, and German American’s Desktop Express service.

You can scan checks at your desktop and electronically send the images to German American. No more trips to the bank to deposit checks. Desktop Express greatly automates the process of listing, preparing and balancing deposits, as well as eliminating much of the costs, time commitments and security risk associated with transporting checks.

Contact a Treasury Management officer for a Desktop Express demonstration.

Cash Concentration (ACH)

Cash Concentration provides a convenient and cost-effective tool for consolidating funds from multiple banks into your German American concentration account. Businesses or organizations with multiple deposit locations can transfer funds electronically (before the bank business day cut-off) and have them available on the next business day.

Image Lockbox Service

German American’s Lockbox Service provides you with a post office box for payments sent to your company. We retrieve, process and deposit funds daily so there's no delay in getting money into your account. All deposits are imaged, so that they're available for viewing via the web on the same day. If preferred, information can be gathered from check and remittance coupons and formatted in a data file. You can review deposit reports to see who and what has been paid.


  • Speeds the collection of your business's receivables
  • Reduces the cost of in-house receivables processing, and improves your company's cash flow
  • Provides same day reporting and remittance information (you can view and record payments made)
  • Record keeping provides outside audit controls
  • Eliminates need to prepare deposits and take to the bank

Direct Payment (ACH)

More companies than ever offer Direct Payment - a safe and reliable way for billers to collect and consumers to pay. Instead of writing checks, mailing payments, or paying bills in person, your payments can be withdrawn automatically from your customer's checking or savings account. These convenient electronic payments flow through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network - the same payment system used for Direct Deposit of payroll and Social Security!

Companies now offer Direct Payments to their customers to manage recurring payments of all sizes:

  • Membership fees
  • Dues
  • Church tithing
  • Tuition
  • Recurring service payments
  • Fundraising

Merchant Card Services

Today’s customers demand easy payment methods when they transact business with you, whether in your office or store, and especially online. Your business can benefit from the advantages of accepting credit cards:

  • Improved cash flow. You get paid in days - not weeks - when customers pay with plastic.
  • Potential for increased sales. When customers can make a purchase instantly, they're more likely to follow through with the transaction. The easier you make it for customers to buy, the more likely they are to return for additional purchases.
  • Greater likelihood of moving big-ticket items. Consumers know they can spread out payments over several months when they use a credit card.
  • Automatic currency conversion. If you have customers in other countries, credit cards instantly convert the transaction from the foreign currency to U.S. dollars.