Personal Banking

Bankline 24

Just call 1-800-536-0660 (toll free)

Banking is as easy as picking up your phone! Call BankLine 24 anytime, day or night, from the privacy of your own home, office or car…all you need is a touch-tone phone and your account number. It’s convenient, confidential, easy to use…and free!

By following the simple instructions BankLine 24 gives, you can access the following functions simply by pressing the keys on your touch-tone phone.

Deposit Account Information

  • Current and available balance
  • Last 3 deposits
  • Last 5 checks paid (or last 5 withdrawals)
  • Specific checks paid
  • Last 3 ATM debits
  • Last 3 miscellaneous debits
  • Interest earned this year
  • Interest earned last year

Loans and Lines of Credit Information

  • Current payoff
  • Current or available balance
  • Amount of next payment and date
  • Interest paid this year
  • Interest paid last year

Account-to-Account Transfers

  • Transfers between deposit accounts
  • Transfers from deposit account to loan

Helpful hints before you call

  • You’ll need a touch-tone phone
  • Make sure your have your account number handy
  • Have available your PIN (Personal ID Number) or the last four digits of your social security number or your business ID number
  • Listen carefully to the recorded instructions

BankLine 24 Security

On your first call you will need to establish a personal identification number (PIN) by following the BankLine 24 instructions. You may use any 4-digit number. Many customers prefer using the same PIN number as their ATM card, leaving only one set of numbers to remember for both.

BankLine 24 Shortcuts

Once you become familiar with the BankLine 24 system, the following shortcuts will help you go directly to the information you need. Please be sure to enter your account number followed by the # sign (A/N#) and your personal identification number followed by the # sign (PIN#) where indicated. It is necessary to briefly pause between each digit entered and listen for special instructions.

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To Access:

Checking Account Balance 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-1
Checking Account History 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-3
Specific Check Inquiry 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-3-2
Funds Transfer 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-4-1
Loan Payments 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-4-2
Last Checking Deposit/Withdrawal 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-3-3
Deposit Account Interest Information 1(A/N#)-2(PIN#)-2
Change PIN 1(A/N#)-1(PIN#)-5
Call Transfer to a Customer Service Rep. 0