MainSource Conversion FAQs

  1. We are working hard to make this transition as easy as possible for you. In your Welcome Packet mailed to MainSource customers in Columbus and Greensburg on April 16th, 2018, you received a guide that explained which German American Bank accounts your MainSource Bank accounts will be transitioned to. Feel free to talk to our financial professionals about your unique needs to ensure you are in German American Bank accounts that are right for you.

  2. Just stop in any German American or MainSource office in Columbus or the MainSource Greensburg Plaza office in Greensburg and ask for a new packet.

  3. Contact our banking professionals who will help ensure that you have the maximum amount of FDIC coverage available.

  4. Your routing number, found at the bottom of your checks, will change to 083904563

  5. The vast majority of customers' account numbers WILL NOT change. We did find duplicate account numbers for a small portion of MainSource Bank customers. These customers were mailed a customized Welcome Packet on April 17th explaining their new account number(s) with German American Bank.


  6. To ensure your account with German American reflects our routing number, we will mail checking account holders a FREE box of German American checks. Your new checks will arrive on or around May 14th. After May 18th, please destroy your MainSource checks and immediately start using your new German American checks. Any MainSource checks which have not cleared your MainSource account before May 21st will be paid through your German American account. Savings account holders will be mailed new deposit slips and withdrawal slips, which should also be used after May 18th.

  7. Your routing number will change from MainSource Bank’s routing number to German American’s routing number: 083904563. After May 18th, it is important that you re-establish your payroll direct deposit, other direct deposits (Social Security, pensions), automatic payments/transfers such as utility bills, incoming wire transfers, insurance premiums, club memberships, etc., using the German American routing number. You will need to contact the party responsible for originating these types of transactions on your account. Please visit a German American banking office or call (800)482-1314 if you have questions regarding these transactions. For your convenience, use the electronic Direct Deposit Authorization Change Form.

  8. At German American, we refer to debit cards as VISA Check Cards, and YES, you will receive a new card. You will receive your new German American Bank Check Card on or after May 11th. You should continue using your MainSource debit card through 5:00 p.m. eastern on Friday, May 18th. Activate your German American Check Card on or before Friday, May 18th, and start using your new card as early as 5:00 p.m. eastern on Friday, May 18th. You should destroy your MainSource debit card after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 18th. 

  9. Yes, you will need to activate your new VISA Check Card. Activate and set your PIN (Personal Identification Number) by following the instructions on the card label on or before Friday, May 18th.

  10. No. MainSource customers will now have free access to a network of 70 German American ATMs located throughout southern Indiana and Carrollton, Kentucky (see Welcome Booklet mailed to you on April 16th for location listings) – as well as over 55,000 fee-free Allpoint ATMs worldwide1

    1Allpoint ATM network is fee free for all German American personal customers when using their German American Bank Check Card to withdraw cash. When you use an ATM not owned by us or not within the fee free Allpoint network, you may be charged a fee by German American Bank and the ATM operator.
  11. Your loan account number(s) may change. If your current loan account number is 10 digits or less, your account number will remain the same. If your current loan account number is greater than 10 digits, up to the first two digits will be removed to shorten your loan account number to 10 digits or less.

    If you currently have a loan coupon book, you will be mailed a new German American loan coupon book on or around May 18th. Please start using your new coupon book after May 18th. If you currently have your loan payment automatically deducted from a MainSource Bank account, this will transfer to German American and no action is required from you.

    Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Checks
    You will be mailed new German American Home Equity Line of Credit checks on or around May 14th. PLEASE DESTROY YOUR MAINSOURCE CHECKS AND BEGIN USING YOUR NEW GERMAN AMERICAN CHECKS AFTER MAY 18TH. For ultimate convenience, you can manage your Home Equity Line of Credit within German American’s Online Banking Service.

    If MainSource Bank serviced your residential mortgage loan and you were receiving a monthly statement, you will no longer receive a monthly statement and will use your coupon book to process your loan payment instead.

  12. Your final MainSource Bank account statement will be processed and mailed to you at the close of business on May 18th. After May 18th, you can expect your new German American monthly statement to be available to you on or near the same date your current MainSource monthly statement is available to you. If you currently receive check images, you will continue to receive check images from German American.

    Note:  German American does not issue images for deposits. Savings account customers will receive quarterly statements or, if you are currently enrolled in eStatements, you will continue to receive monthly eStatements. Quarterly statements are generated on the 10th day of the first month in each quarter. To access or enroll in eStatements, you must log into or enroll in German American’s Online Banking on or after May 21st at germanamerican.com.

  13. Yes, German American calls them eStatements and they are available in your secure online banking site. To access or enroll in eStatements, you must log into or enroll in German American’s Online Banking on or after May 21st at germanamerican.com.

  14. If you are an Online Banking user with MainSource Bank, starting on Monday, May 21st, you will log into your German American Online Banking by visiting germanamerican.com. You will use the same user name and password you used to access your MainSource Online Banking. After you successfully log in, you will have access to your German American accounts and the full functionality of the tools and resources within our Online Banking system. If you have recurring account transfers set up in your MainSource Online Banking site, you will need to set these back up in your German American Online Banking site.

    Note: There may be a situation in which your MainSource username may not be available in the German American Online Banking system. If this affects you, we will contact you before May 18th to request that you change your username for a seamless transition.

    Mobile Banking
    If you are a Mobile Banking user with MainSource Bank, you must download German American’s Mobile Banking app and start using it on or after Monday, May 21st at 8:00 a.m. eastern. You may download the German American Mobile Banking app at any time. Just remember that it will not allow you to log in until Monday, May 21st. Use the same login credentials you use for your MainSource Bank Mobile Banking log in.

    To download our Mobile Banking App, visit your app store and search for “German American Mobile Banking” and look for the following icon: 


    Mobile Deposit
    If you are a consumer and use Mobile Deposit with MainSource you can continue using this service with German American on Monday, May 21st. However, if you are a business that utilized Mobile Deposit with MainSource, we are unable to offer this service to you at this time.

    Bill Pay
    If you use MainSource Bank’s Bill Pay within online or mobile banking, your payee and payment information will automatically transfer to your German American Bill Pay tool and will be available to you on Monday, May 21st at 8:00 a.m. eastern time.

    If you are enrolled in eStatements with MainSource Bank, you will be enrolled in eStatements when your accounts transition to German American. Please note that the eStatements which will be available to you will only be statements dated from May 21st and moving forward. It is wise to consider printing or requesting any MainSource Bank statements you may need in the future.