Christmas Club

Make the hustle and bustle of the holidays easier with a Christmas Club account. You can save for an entire year to cover your holiday expenses. In early October, receive a disbursement of your total savings, plus interest, just in time for Christmas shopping!

Earn interest on your Christmas savings*

Open with as little as $1 Make convenient deposits of $5 to $500 - or more - as often as you like.

Account matures in early October, just in time for holiday shopping Set up your account to deposit your entire savings, plus interest, into your German American checking or savings account.

What do you need to open a savings account?

*Interest is paid at maturity. If any withdrawal is made from this account before disbursement date, a $10.00 penalty may be assessed. A $10.00 fee will be assessed on any withdrawals in excess of 6 per month, including ATM transactions and POS and ACH debit. Interest and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) may change. Fees may reduce earnings. Contact us or stop by one of our offices to find out what our current rates are. Member FDIC.