Chip Cards

Your German American VISA® Credit Card and Check Card has enhanced security features.

As part of our continued commitment to enhance the security of our products and services, German American issues chip-enabled Credit Cards and Check Cards, which provide enhanced security when used at a chip-enabled reader.

Simple To Use
Chip technology is becoming the standard for card payments with its added layer of protection and successful fraud reduction around the world. You can swipe your German American Credit Card or Check Card to make payments with the magnetic stripe or, where available, you can insert the card into a chip reader, which makes the card information more difficult for others to read.

Credit Card Security Tips

  • Treat your cards like cash. Keep them in a secure location.
  • Don’t lend your card or account number to anyone.
  • If you use a PIN, don’t write it on the card or keep it with your card.
  • Audit your sales receipts against your monthly statement and shred before discarding.
  • Be wary of phone solicitations. DO NOT give out your account numbers over the phone.
  • Review monthly statements for accuracy and/or suspicious charges. Contact your issuer immediately with any questions.
  • Report lost of stolen cards to the card issuer IMMEDIATELY! If stolen, also notify the police.