German American is a very strong financial services provider in Indiana and Kentucky, specializing in banking, insurance, investments and wealth management for business and retail customers. In 1910, German American was founded in a community located in the heart of the Ohio Valley Region, which was rich in German American heritage.

Today, its headquarters remain in Jasper, Indiana. The employees of German American strive to establish strong relationships by working closely with businesses and individuals and by providing strong financial solutions.

History since 1910 

Business leaders in a small town rich in German-American heritage, Jasper, Indiana, organized and opened a bank in 1910. It was the community’s heritage that prompted the new bank’s name, German American Bank.

Two employees.

Fifty seven original shareholders.

$40,000 in capital stock.

The bank office occupied one-half of the first floor of a commercial building. In the 1940’s, the bank was ready to expand and purchased the office building it occupied. German American Bank’s headquarters remain on this property to this day.

The history of German American Bank tells quite an extraordinary story. In our 110 years of history, our company has experienced and outlasted the effects of wars, boom times, political changes, fluctuations in local, state and federal economics, the rise of a global economy, and a plethora of changes in the banking landscape. Deep seated business values of relationships, trust, people and performance were the guiding principles and remain so today. Serving with the intention to help communities thrive so its people can prosper remains at the forefront of our purpose.

In the 1980’s to mid 1990’s, German American Bank faced the same choice as many other small to mid sized banks: merge with a larger bank or choose an independent growth strategy. The Company chose the latter. Although many banks at the time were choosing a similar direction, German American Bank’s approach was significantly different. German American embarked upon a strategy to partner with other like-minded community banks. The goal was to afford the combined organization the efficiencies associated with size, while still keeping it small enough to stay focused on the communities it served. The commitment to community was key in German American Bank’s vision to build a community banking network. The Company chose to grow close to its home base, rather than moving into markets it wasn’t familiar with, which solidified its position as a local community bank. German American Bank also committed to retaining local leadership to more effectively serve the specific needs of customers and the community as a whole.

Today, German American Bank is the combination of numerous like-minded community banking, insurance, and wealth management organizations and teams joining together to serve local communities. Our footprint covers southern Indiana and Kentucky, and our history of strong financial performance is a reflection of the success of this unique business model.

We combine top-rated customer facing technology with a talented, customer-focused team to deliver service excellence. The foundation to find the best financial products to help our customers achieve their dreams and goals is based on strong relationships with our customers and a deep knowledge of the communities we serve. We attain that knowledge by employing local leaders with a servant mindset combined with a drive to succeed.

Our financial strength enables us to make the greatest impact and demonstrates our commitment to corporate responsibility. We support education, social welfare and human services efforts, the arts, economic development and community organizations.

The world of banking will continue to change which will continue to impact how we deliver financial services. German American Bank is committed to investing in secure, innovative technology while also making certain that our culture of local-people-helping-local-people succeed stays at the center of our principles.

With a keen eye on opportunities, a mindset of continuous improvement and a commitment to financial performance and corporate responsibility, our German American Bank team faces tomorrow with confidence, agility, and optimism.