VISA® Platinum Purchasing Elite Credit Card

Our VISA® Platinum Purchasing Elite Credit Card* is a cost-effective tool to pay for your business purchases, including travel and entertainment expenses. For ultimate convenience to accurately track usage, you can choose multiple cards with different account numbers and credit limits.

Credit card spend controls Pre-established cardholder limits help control expenses, centralized expenditure data makes it easy to obtain information, and corporate expenses are kept off your employees’ personal cards.

Reward your business with Cash Back Every time your German American VISA® Platinum Purchasing Elite Credit Card is used, you may earn cash back. Rebate is paid annually by check if spending is $250,000 or greater for the year.**

Online account management with eZBusiness Gain insight into and control over your payment and expense reporting practices with the robust online card management portal. Major functionality includes:

  • Account Setup and Maintenance
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Extracts

Enroll in VISA Purchase Alerts Help keep your account secure and track spending. Choose the alerts that make sense for you and you'll get real-time email alerts whenever your purchase meets the criteria you selected during enrollment.

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Detect suspicious activity and prevent fraud with the assistance of real-time alerts.SecurLOCK Communicate is a security service providing two-way SMS text capabilities, interactive voice, and email fraud notifications for quicker fraud identification and prevention for German American credit card holders.

*Subject to credit and approval.
**Fees may apply. Large dollar purchases may earn a reduced rebate rate.