Image Lockbox

Our Image Lockbox* service provides you with a post office box for payments sent to your company. We retrieve, process and deposit funds daily so there's no delay in getting money into your account. All deposits are imaged, so that they're available to view online on the same day. If preferred, information can be gathered from check and remittance coupons and formatted in a data file for auto posting. You can also review deposit reports to see who and what has been paid.

Reduced cost of processing

  • Reduced mailroom costs
  • Lower in-house filing supply and equipment costs
  • Elimination of manual creation of deposit slips
  • Reallocation of resources in support of other vital, revenue-producing activities
  • Improved cash flow

Faster deposit of payment

    Automated transfer of funds
  • Improved service levels
  • Better HIPAA compliance (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Optional removable media for easier permanent storage of payment information
  • Greater security by eliminating physical movement of checks
  • Lower risk due to improved Disaster Recovery capabilities

*Fees may apply.