Transaction Management System

Our Transaction Management System (TMS) is a system that encompasses Check Positive Pay with ACH Positive Pay and Full Account Reconciliation to provide your business with a powerful fraud prevention tool that is focused on your transaction management needs.

Benefits of German American TMS

  • Check Positive Pay reduces fraud losses by identifying unauthorized checks for return
  • ACH Positive Pay to include exceptions for unauthorized ACH activity
  • Automated emails to notify you when exception items are present or to alert you of ACH activity
  • Check image integration to view images of exception items
  • Deposit reconcilement to summarize deposit activity by branch/location
  • Integrated data mapping utility for German American to accept issued check file formats that are native to your accounting system
  • Online exception management to enable your business to make pay/return decisions via the web for both check exceptions and ACH exceptions
  • Reverse positive pay functionality to provide added flexibility with fraud prevention options

Check Positive Pay*
Check Positive Pay allows your business to electronically monitor your check transactions for unauthorized or fraudulent activity, increasing your company’s safeguard against costly fraud.

Easily accessed through Business Online Banking, Positive Pay lets you transmit issue check data to German American when your company issues checks. When items are presented for payment, our matching and validation process allows us to quickly identify checks that are inconsistent with the data provided. Items not found in our database will be reported to you as exceptions that require a pay or return decision within established timelines. Digitized images of exception items are provided online to enhance your pay/return decision-making.

ACH Positive Pay*
The increase in volume of ACH transactions for corporate payments inherently increases the potential for ACH fraud. This reality requires corporate customers to act more diligently in monitoring ACH activity. German American TMS provides a simple, effective solution that greatly simplifies this task. Using German American TMS, ACH business rules are defined at the account level. In turn, every ACH transaction posted to the account is scrutinized to determine whether a transaction warrants further review.

The business rules that support ACH Positive Pay include ACH Authorization and ACH Transaction Monitoring. ACH Authorization is a list of ACH transactions that are pre-approved to post to an account. An ACH authorization rule can include the originating company, standard entry class, transaction type (debit/credit) and maximum dollar amount. ACH Transaction Monitoring is a list of general guidelines for monitoring ACH activity and alerting the client of items that exceed these guidelines. An ACH monitoring rule can also focus on the originating company, standard entry class, amount and debit/credit designation.

Account Reconciliation
German American TMS provides corporate clients with numerous ways to manage their transaction activity and reconcile accounts. Because no single method of account reconcilement is suitable for every client, German American TMS includes a variety of account reconcilement options available to our clients. Everything from a full online reconcilement statement to a downloadable reconcilement file gives German American TMS the flexibility to meet the needs of your business, no matter how big or small.

For clients that do business at multiple locations/branches, deposit reconciliation proves a valuable tool. This feature provides the client with a detailed listing of all deposit activity for the reconcilement period, grouped by location.

Below is a list of account reconcilement tools available through German American TMS:

  • Online Full Account Reconcilement Statement
  • Online Check Reconcilement Statement
  • Online reconcilement reports
  • Outstanding checks
  • Paid checks
  • Stale dated checks
  • Deposit Reconcilement Statement – A statement of deposit activity by location

*Other fees may apply.