Money Management

Money Management is a user-friendly budgeting tool that gives you an all-inclusive view of your finances all in one portal!


Categorize your transactions, create budgets, view spending trends and manage your debts securely and conveniently within Online Banking or your Mobile Banking App.  Login and enroll to get started! Check out our Quick Start Guide and find detailed user guides for Money Management features below.  

  • Accounts - single view of all your internal accounts (German American) and external accounts
  • Transactions - aggregate view of all transactions from internal accounts (German American) and external accounts
  • Spending - visually see your spending trends over a defined data range
  • Budgets - create custom budgets, change budget allocation, and view historical budget as interactive bubbles or traditional bars
  • Trends - see your spending trends over time, divided into categories
  • Debts - manage your debt plan and project debt payoff dates
  • Net Worth - view a detailed Net Worth analysis
  • Goals - create, manage, and visualize goals on a timeline
  • Cash Flow - calendar view identifying recurring deposits and payments to help plan for future expenses
  • Alerts - set up notifications by text or email based on user preferences