How to Safeguard Your Home from Water Damage

Rain, rain, go away...

We can't control the weather, yet we can prepare for it, which is key to prevent potential water damage to your home. Follow the suggestions below to ensure your home is rain ready.

1. Inspect your Roof for areas where shingles could be missing, damaged, or aging.

2. Trim your Trees to prevent damange to your home from falling limbs because many times rainy weather is windy weather.

3. Clear Gutters and Downspouts

   Bonus Tips:

  • Gutter guards can help to keep debris from building up inside of gutters.
  • Direct your downspouts away from your home, and make sure they extend a good distance away from the home. 

4. Reseal your Basement Cracks in your foundation or floor slabs can often cause water seepage into your basemnt after a heavy rainfall. As your home ages, deterioration could cause your once waterproofed cement flooring and basement walls to allow water to penetrate. 

5. Caulk and Seal Window and Cracks You may want to consider basement window well covers.

6. Check your Sump Pump to ensure that it is working properly.

  • Have a battery backup source for the sump pump in the event of a power failure.

7. Consider installing a Backwater Valve

8. Keep your Floor Drains Open

9. Make sure you always have a Positive Slope around your Home's Perimeter. Fix any negative slopes by grading around the perimeter.

10. Check Street Drains around your home to ensure they are not clogged 

Your home's protection begins with its exterior. By taking the time now to walk through these tips, you should be confident that you did your best to keep your home high and dry. 

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