Insuring Your College Student

Be Proactive About Your Student’s Coverage

When your child leaves for college, it is a big event. One thing that you should think about is your insurance coverage and how it could change with your son or daughter away at school. You should be sure to check your coverage if your student is:

  • Moving more than 100 miles away
  • A member of any of the school’s intercollegiate sports teams
  • Living in an off-campus residence

Protecting Your Student’s Belongings

  • Some carriers consider a dorm room an extension of your home, so all items your child keeps there could be covered, to some extent. If your child lives off-campus, his or her possessions may not be covered. You may want to consider renter’s insurance.

Changing Auto Coverage

  • Your auto policy could be modified depending on whether your child takes the family car to school. In addition, is your child more than 100 miles from home?

Liability Coverage

  • If an accident were to occur and your child is held liable, your homeowners policy could be on the hook. A tenant policy could be the way to go.

Have questions about your current policy or need to make a change? Contact your insurance professional today at German American Insurance!


This article  is provided for informational purposes only. The information provided herein is not intended to be exhaustive, nor should it be construed as advice regarding coverage. Eligibility for coverage is not guaranteed and all coverages are limited to the terms and conditions contained in the applicable policy.

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