Business Online Banking User Controls

German American's Business Online Banking system offers many application controls that facilitate segregation of duties and dual control to help you safely and efficiently manage your accounts. These controls may be set or modified at any time, based on your desire to enhance your controls.

Audit Reporting

  • Run detailed audit reports in real-time by user and function
  • View activity on transaction and non-transaction events

Account Transfer Permissions

  • Designate add, edit, delete, and view rights by user
  • Independent controls are available for loan and deposit account transfer

ACH Payment Types

  • Select the accounts each user may originate ACH transactions
  • Designate the types of transactions within each account for further control

ACH Amount Limits

  • Set maximum single transaction, batch creation, batch release, daily release limits
  • Set these controls at the payment type and account for increased control

ACH Data Permissions

  • Separate, add/delete, create batch, and import functions are available
  • Edit summary, edit summary and detail, or view summary and view detail are available
  • A hybrid "Edit Summary and View Detail" feature is also available

Wire Permissions

  • Repetitive, semi-repetitive, and repetitive applications available
  • Enter/revise, approval, 2nd approval, release, and delete controls are available
  • Set these controls across applications at the user level for increased control
  • Restrict wire template setup to further increase your segregation of duties

Information Reporting Permissions
At the account level, you may select the following features for each user:

  • Account Transfer
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Account Activity
  • Loan Transfer
  • Online Statements

Our German American Team is happy to assist with any questions you may have about these security features. Feel free to call us at (800) 482-1314 or contact our Treasury Management Support Team by calling (800) 482-1314, ext. 2500.