ACH Education Resources

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is an electronic network used to process credit and debit transactions. ACH gives businesses the ability to directly deposit payroll into employee bank accounts, collect authorized payments from customers, pay vendor bills, and make tax payments. Businesses can originate these transactions directly through German American’s Business Online Banking. Review ACH reference materials to help you understand how the ACH Network operates and how to access the NACHA Rules and Guidelines.

Printable ACH Quick Reference Guide
Use this document for quick and easy access to the most useful ACH information such as ACH facts, responsibilities, fraud prevention tips, and the most common codes relating to ACH transactions. We recommend printing this document for reference. Note this is not a replacement for reviewing the NACHA Rule Book.

ACH Security Framework for Originators
This quick video provides a basic overview of obligations under the ACH Security Framework Rule in an easy-to-understand manner. This course also includes valuable resources, useful compliance tips, and actionable guidance to meet the ACH Rule requirement.

ACH Security Framework Checklist
Use this checklist to assist in ensuring your ACH policies, procedures, and systems meet the security standards outlined in the ACH Rules.

Access The ACH Rules

Request a NACHA Rule Book
Contact Treasury Management Support to request a copy of the NACHA Rule book, (800) 482-1314, ext 2500.